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Accelerate Green Start 2024

The nine companies chosen to participate in the Bord na Móna Accelerate Green Start programme for 2024 are listed below. Accelerate Green Start is designed to support innovative, early-stage companies who are embarking on a journey towards sustainable growth, and impactful change.


Company Name: EVE

Overview: Fleet electrification, offering a holistic solution for companies transitioning to electric mobility. With an end-to-end hardware agnostic software, and early engagement through electrification simulation.


Company Name: IFF Plastics

Overview: Diverts valuable plastic waste from export or landfill by recovering or processing waste plastics from industrial, farms, as well as ocean plastics to transform these into durable plastic products.


Company Name: RenewableBOT

Overview: Augmented Intelligence solution that maximises efficiency for offshore wind projects, saving €’m per project by optimising Installation and O&M plans..


Company Name: GloTire

Overview: Assessment and planning of solar farm systems for landowners, especially farmers who wish to leverage land in a different way, to enable power supply to local grids.


Company Name: Retrokit

Overview: SaaS for evidence-based decision-making around energy upgrade investment. Provides valuable insights into a stock’s current performance; Completes a cost/benefit analysis of different energy upgrade options.


Company Name: EVHACs

Overview: Air Conditioning Unit & EV Charger in one; helps to solve the lack of charging infrastructure globally by simply upgrading outdoor air conditioning units in their current environment or at point of fabrication to contain charging points using patent pending technology.


Company Name: Feighery’s Farm Beetroot Juice

Overview: Producing sustainable Beetroot Juice and associated products as an Irish superfood. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, Folic Acid, Nitrates, beetroot juice has been its association with lowering high blood pressure alongside improving athletic performance and recovery.


Company Name: Biota

Overview: Use of satellite imagery to monitor and report the biodiversity impact of agricultural supply chains, providing AI recommendations and financial incentives. Complies company supply chain biodiversity data to produce CSRD reports (ESRS e4).


Company Name: Airryzen Biosystems

Overview: Sustainable protein production using natural microorganisms to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into proteins through photosynthesis.